I chose to do a scentsy buddy drive for Caip. I feel that mental health is often misunderstood in our community. Mental health isn’t any different than physical health. Health is health! Our pediatric unit at Grand River is well acknowledged and recognized at Christmas time…not so for our Caip unit. Mental health has touched my life personally and professionally. It can be a very long journey and affects many families in our community. We can easily discuss the young person diagnosed with diabetes…but struggle to discuss someone the same if they have a mental health condition. We also know that mental health struggles can often lead to addiction issues as the young person is looking for a way to cope. It saddens me that so many of us are uneducated, judgemental and so critical of these issues. I just wanted to support Caip and the work they do. Most of all I want every young person on that unit this Christmas who is struggling to receive a scentsy buddy…my hope is that they will feel like people do care and are loved…just like anyone else.”

– Heather Gibbons

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