Cruz Cares is a small part of what Healing Hearts, Hands and Hooves is about. Through talking, brain storming with my principal Andy Beddoe we came up with this. Cruz and I are part of a non profit Just Say Whoa to Bullying. November of last year we had a bullying assembly at Floradale P.S. and we talked about how we are each a gift and there is only one of us. We are a light to the world and how we need to lift one another up. WHOA means We Help One Another. Cruz showed the kids how he isn’t great at basketball but he still tries, and although the other horses make fun of his size he still shines. He showed the kids that like everyone he has his gifts…. knowing how to sit on command and bow. He can walk up stairs and down and will ride in my mini van sitting in the back seat. We have a box outside the spec ed room that kids can write their hurts when they can’t speak them aloud. I passed them onto Andy and we came up with plans. Cruz usually wrote back too with a little picture. The picture I have enclosed is one Julie Dunn took when we were walking down the hallway. Enjoy. I am determined to carry on through my tears to HONOUR Andy, and continue this on to reach as many as we can.

Corrine Lichty
Key EA
Floradale PS

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