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Congratulations are in order regarding the 30th anniversary and Appreciation Day for your Association. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and to see the incredible dedication you have to your members with respect to your work on health & safety issues.

Your organization has shown a tremendous commitment to health & safety demonstrated, in part, by its willingness to send you to training programs in order to assist you in honing your skills and deepening your knowledge. You have enthusiastically participated in these programs and you continually strive to meet the needs of your members and ensure safer and healthier workplaces for them.

In addition to taking on the challenge of improving your own knowledge and skills, you and your Association also coordinate educational opportunities for your members, in an effort to assist them in identifying hazards and recommending effective controls in their workplaces.

Thank you for your on-going commitment to the health and safety of your members and congratulations to your organization for all of the years they have worked to provide service to Educational Assistants.

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