I am so pleased to hear of your association’s 30th anniversary and Appreciation Day for your members. What many of the public do not know, is that Educational Assistants and Child and Youth Workers are the social/behavioral glue that holds students with special or behavioral needs together in the school setting.

The EA and CWY enable students whose issues would preclude inclusion to be part of the typical student body. This not only benefits the student in receipt of services, but the entire student body as it teaches everyone the values of inclusion, acceptance and adaptation.

Typically the EA and CYW are invisible members of the educational team. Their invisibility is a testament to their professionalism; managing and maintaining often difficult situations as today’s EA/CYW are more often involved these days with students whose issues may be disruptive. In today’s classroom  and school, it is the EA/CYW who are the educational system’s “first responders” to outbreaks or breakdowns. When others are removing themselves from a situation, the EA/CYW wades in.

It is admirable that there will be an Appreciation Day and you celebrate the 30th’s anniversary of your association. Hats off to your members. Thank you for all you do.

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