Colleen Dietrich Sisson

  • Promote the interests of the Association;
  • Transact and be responsible for the day to day business of the Association;
  • Be the chief representative and spokesperson of the Association at all functions; or assign a designate;
  • Act as Chair and Spokesperson of the negotiating committee; or assign a designate;
  • Act as Grievance Officer and Chair of grievance committee; or assign a designate;
  • Work an average of forty-five (45) hours per week between the third week of August and the second week of July (approximately 45 weeks per year). The President is not expected to work outside of this time frame, during holidays, during winter break, or during March break, except where it is necessary to protect the interests of the Association;
  • Give reports at Executive and Membership meetings on matters important to the Association;
  • Oversee the Executive Officers and their duties to ensure each Executive Officer is fulfilling their duties;
  • Preside over all meetings of the Association and Executive, or to assign a designate;
  • Call Annual or Special Meetings whenever necessary;
  • Sit as an ex-officio member of all committees; or assign a designate;
  • Oversee the Annual Report;
  • Act as one of four signing officers.

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