Dear Friends in the Schools, ❤️

We were terrified.
We were not ready.
We didn’t know what was to come.
We did not want to change our ways.
We couldn’t imagine what each day would look like.
We were stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious.
But fast forward 5 months.

We are ok.
We have adapted.
We are stronger together.
We are essential.
We feel our worth.
We make a difference and others know it.
We are proud to go to work.

I know many of you return to work this month and it is scary but I promise it will be okay. Be flexible, be strong, be creative, and be proud! You are so needed and remember that now more than ever these kids need your 💙 and support.

We’ve got this, and this too shall pass!
Just thought you could use a little encouragement from some people who have felt what you feel.

Your nurse friends!

Way to go Prez!

Last week our EAA President, Colleen Dietrich Sisson did a phone interview with CBC radio.
In case you missed it, here is the recording of that interview with Craig Norris.

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