extra-largeAs the Executive, we have a responsibility to follow the Constitution of this Union. This meeting was convened as the result of a petition brought forward by the Membership, the underlying issues will be shared when they are brought forth by the Membership.

The Executive is not driving this process... it is being driven by the Constitution.

With that said the President has undertaken an inappropriate use of the Board's server, namely the EA Conference to advance her personal agenda. In her post, the President has made a number of statements, some of which contain a modicum of truth.
For the Executive to respond completely and truthfully to these statements on the Board's server would not only require pages and pages of documentation, it would also violate the (Responsible Use Procedure) (RUP) established by the Employer.
The EA Conference, or for that matter, this website is NOT the appropriate forum in which to discuss issues as complicated as those brought up by the President. There is no possible way to receive questions from the membership and  provide proper answers and timelines outside of a meeting.
It is the intent of this Executive to keep this a strong and independent Union that can properly function with integrity and transparency.

Therefore, it is our hope that we will see all of you on
Wednesday December 17 at 4:15pm at Rosemount School.

Please keep in mind that this is YOUR Association and that the well being, financial or otherwise, is the responsibility of us all - not just the Executive.
Our commitment to you is that we will come to this meeting prepared to answer your questions.
Kathryn Pittman
1st Vice President
Educational Assistants Association

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