Good Afternoon Members,
Article 6.1 in the Educational Assistants Association Constitution (EAA) states:
Special Meetings of the Association may be called by the President at any time or upon written petition signed by seventy-five (75) members on a form provided by the Association. A written notice of Association meetings, including an agenda shall be sent at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.
On Wednesday evening (25th), I received a petition from a member with over one hundred members' signatures, requesting a Special Meeting of the Association for the below petition.
We, the undersigned Members of the Educational Assistants Association (EAA), call on the Executive of the Educational Assistants Association of the Waterloo Region District School Board to hold a Special Meeting, so that the Members of the EAA can vote to re-instate our previous legal counsel, Mr. Frank Carere and the firm Madorin, Snyder LLP, based on his level of expertise in the area of Employment and Labour Law for the past thirty plus years.
Individual Members of the Educational Assistants Association (EAA) have a right to have their voices heard on large matters affecting our financial situation. We deserve a right to vote and have a choice of legal counsel presented to us as an entire Membership, in light of the recent happenings within our Executive.
We motion to remove Mr. Daryl W. Schnurr and the firm of Miller Thomson Lawyers, based on Mr. Schnurr’s lack of experience within the area of Employment and Labour Law, as Mr. Schnurr’s specialty is as a Patent Lawyer and his Industry Expertise is in Information Technology.
We motion to re-instate Mr. Frank Carere and the firm of Madorin, Snyder LLP as legal counsel for the EAA, based on Mr. Carere’s level of experience and specialty within Employment and Labour Law.

Therefore a Special Meeting will be held:
Tuesday, March 31st, 2015.
Forest Heights Collegiate
255 Fischer-Hallman Road
Kitchener, Ontario.
4:15 pm - 7:00 pm.
Presentation of the Rationale to Re-instate Madorin, Snyder LLP and Mr. Carere - Member Kimberley Grobbecker
Members will then cast a vote (secret ballot) on whether or not Madorin Snyder LLP and Mr. Carere get re-instated as legal counsel for the EAA.
For those members who work the extended day program, the poll for voting will be open until 7:00pm.
It is our hope that as many members as possible are able to attend this important meeting and cast your vote.
Kiki Bamberger
***click here for the bill of the last Special Meeting: Bingeman Bill - 001

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