This is a message from our EAA Website service provider and we wanted to keep you informed of any Website down time. Please read the following message from the e-dimensionz Team:
"We are reaching out to inform you that we will be applying security patching and maintenance on our servers from Oct 25-27 between 10pm and 10am ET. 
While we always do our best to minimize any website downtime and ensure minimal impact on your services, there may be potential brief periods of downtime. If you experience any issues extending beyond this, please let us know.
During the update, we will be rebooting all of our servers and have scheduled the following maintenance windows:

  • Thursday Oct. 25th, 10pm - 10am ET 

  • Friday Oct. 26th, 10pm - 10am ET 

  • Saturday Oct 27th, 10pm - 10am ET 

Thank You,
e-dimensionz Team"

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