Attached are the filing instructions for each of the non-teaching periods  starting in  June 2015-March 2016.
Please keep this messaging for the period.  There are no plans to resend the communications out in December or in March.
If employees do not file within the dates indicated, they are to file without the code.  There will be no codes created outside the period.
Remember the code is not to be used for Special Benefit Claims, Retirements or permanent layoffs.
The code is only for people who are on temporary layoff for the non-teaching periods.
The coding is only for employees who reside in Ontario.  Employees in other provinces can contact the EI Contact Centre in their area who will determine whether there is a Reference Code available for them.  If not, they are to file a normal application for benefits.  It is not mandatory to use a Reference Code.
If the employee is receiving a paper ROE from you.  It is their responsibility to either mail to the address provided on their application for mailing correspondence or dropping off at their nearest Service Canada Centre.
For all the codes and information please click here: School Related 2015 - 2016 English Instruction

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