Hello Everyone,
Thank you to everyone who took the time last evening to attend the meeting to vote on the Central Memorandum of Settlement (MOS).

The results are as follows:

205 members voted in favour of accepting the MOS.

17 members voted not in favour of accepting the MOS .

Obviously this means that the MOS has been accepted by the EAA.

This decision by the EAA does not mean that the MOS has been ratified.  The MOS is not ratified until the majority of the seven unions of the Educational Workers Alliance of Ontario (EWAO) vote in favour of accepting it.

AS part of the MOS, the EWAO must have the results of their ratification votes submitted to the government by Wednesday, December 16th.


Another notice will be posted by December 17th with the final ratification results.

Take care everyone,

Paul Bednarek

Negotiations Officer

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