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Below are the REFERENCE CODES that can be used for REGULAR EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE (EI) filing for the school break periods for the June 201 7 - March 2018 periods. These codes can be used by people occupying positions as school board employees, school bus employees and all other school-related occupations who are off during the non - teaching periods, as indicated below.
Employees can file their claims by visiting: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/
Employees who need to file EI claims before the Effective date or after the Expiry date indicated, will be required to complete the regular application for Employment Insurance benefits without a Reference Code.
Please note: The codes are not to be used for permanent layoffs, retirements or special benefit claims such as maternity, parental, compassionate care, illness or people who live or relocate outside the province of Ontario during these periods.
Claimant Enquires on the status of their claim:
Only claimants or appointed representatives can make enquiries on a claim for EI Benefits. This normally occurs when the individual cannot act on their own behalf. A form must be completed and filed to ensure the appointed representative is noted on the claim. Claimant s may ask Human Resources or Payroll staff questions in regards to their EI. The claimants must be directed to contact Service Canada for answers to their specific situation. Employer rep resentatives or Union representatives cannot enquire on individual situations without consent on file.
By telephone
EI Telephone Information Service : Call 1 - 800 - 206 - 7218 (TTY: 1 - 800 - 529 - 3742) and choose option "1." Be sure to have your Social Insurance Number and your access code on hand when you call.
They can visit the nearest Service Canada Centre in their area:
The Reference Codes are only to be shared or used by employees who work in Ontario and live in the province of Ontario during the break periods. Workers who relocate during these periods to another province are to file a regular application and should not enter a Reference Code when prompted. The Reference Code for EI Applications for June 201 7 school - related intake: 351101201 7 201 7 06 Effective: 1 6 Jun 201 7 Expiry: 2 2 Jul 2017 Please be reminded that all Stat Holiday pay paid or payable for days in this period should be recorded on the ROE. If they are not, you will need to amend the ROEs when it is paid.

The Reference Code for EI Applications for Mar 2018 school - related intake:
351101201 82018 03
Effective: 09 Mar 2018
Expiry: 31 Mar 2018
Instructions for Paper ROEs
If your business completes paper ROEs, you must provide the employee with their copy of the ROE. The employee is responsible to obtain and submit all ROEs if they plan on filing a claim for EI benefits. During their application process they are provided with the mailing address or they can drop off at their nearest Service Canada Centre.
General Enquiries by employers or representatives
Most EI related questions can be answered by referring to the Service Canada Website at:
Record of Employment questions normally can be answered at the Service Canada Website at:
Or call
Employer Contact Centre
Record of Employment (advice, guidance, paper ROE orders), ROE Web (technical support), Report on Hirings, Work - sharing, Automated Earnings Reporting System (Data Gateway support), and Temporary Foreign Worker Program (excluding the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program and jobs in Quebec, but including Live-In Caregivers in Quebec).
Toll - free within Canada and the United States: 1 - 800 - 367 - 5693
TTY: 1 - 855 - 881 - 9874
The Employer Contact Centre is available Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern Time.
EI Reference Codes 2017-2018

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