To our Members:

The Ministry of Education, has approached the EAA and other unions in regard to the Government’s initiative that would allow some Staff to be redeployed, on a voluntary basis. This Voluntary Redeployment Program (VRP) would allow a Member to temporarily transfer to another Employer to assist the frontline fight against COVID-19. Some of the potential areas of redeployment could include retirement homes, long term care facilities, residential group homes etc.
The EAA has expressed support for the program and has emphasized that the entire process be voluntary. Any voluntary redeployment would be negotiated between the School Board and the EAA. At this moment in time, we have not received information from our Board as to if/when they will be participating.
Should the Board move forward with this, Members who volunteer will continue to receive all compensation entitlement under our Collective Agreement, including salary, pension contributions, benefits etc. Members could also be eligible to receive the emergency pandemic premium. Members would be covered by the procedures and policies at the redeployment work site. Should a question or concern arise, Members will have access to our Association for representation.

We have communicated very clearly with the Government that our Members are working with Students through distance learning and that they may wish to not participate.
When we hear more about the VRP, we will reach out to the Membership with an update.

Colleen Dietrich Sisson
President - Educational Assistants Association


We would like to update our Members on our stance as an Association in regard to Video Conferencing - Communicating With Students. Due to these unprecedented times, our Association approves our Members reaching out via phone calls, Google Meet, Google Classroom etc. If your Administrator has asked you to reach out in this capacity, then you have our blessing. If you are unsure of the direction you have received (be it from a Teacher, Department Head etc.) please circle back to your Administrator for clarification.

A couple of things to keep in mind when you are communicating with Students/Families:

  1. Make sure that you are in a secure and confidential setting

  2. Ensure that your background is conducive to a meeting (ie: no political signs, no empty alcohol containers, etc.)

  3. If you get feedback or questions from Students or Family Members that requires follow up, please circle back to your Administrator

  4. Only do what you have been instructed to do and are comfortable doing. Circle back with your Administrator if you have any concerns

  5. Work within your regular hours; if Families are asking you to reach out in the evening, please talk to your Administrator. We do not support Members working outside of their regular hours

  6. Please use “call blocking” when you are making calls

  7. Please do not text as a means of communication

  8. If after reaching out to your Administrator you are still unclear or are feeling unsure about how to proceed, please feel free to reach out to us

  9. Above all, take care of you and remember to take breaks throughout your day

Thank you!

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