Dear Member,
05_FilesIn the interest of improving worker Health and Safety, we are asking all EAs to please send an email to their principals requesting to see the behaviour and safety plan, IEP, and OSR of your students during your upcoming PD day on September 3rd or as soon as possible thereafter. To this end, please find below some language for you to cut and paste into an email to your principal if you wish to use it.
This is very important.
Please take the time to send this email. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.
“Dear Principal,
I would like to arrange with you to a time to review the behaviour safety plan, IEP, and OSR for all students I will be working with this year as I believe these documents may have information which will help ensure my health and safety in the workplace. If possible, I would like review these documents as soon as possible. Look forward to hearing from you.”

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