Being the Calm
"Free" Virtual Workshop
Thursday, October 22nd

Join Carla Waites and discover how to be a centre of calm in the midst of uncertainty and storm, for yourself and for others.
Explore practices that will enhance your capacity ” to be with” and to manage the unpleasant while also deepening your capacity “to take in” and savour the pleasant. Learn how to lessen anxiety, worries and manage stressors.
All of these above practices and strategies are built upon the current neuroscience and mindfulness research as presented by Dr. Kristin.Neff, Dr. S. Shapiro, Dr. Rick Hanson, and John Kabat-Zinn and others.
Exclusively for EAA members.
To register, click the eventbrite link below.

*NEW Opportunity*
Mindfulness for Educators
Join Carla Waites and Angela Scott for a 9-session renewal program designed to revitalize purpose, personally and professionally
Starting October 23, 2020
Course outcomes:
• Manage stress through a greater understanding and control of emotions
• Employ self-care techniques to cultivate personal and professional resilience
• Create effective strategies for relating to challenging situations
• Have personal experience to support other programs for students in mindfulness
• Enhance concentration and executive function (planning, decision-making, and impulse control)
• Revitalize purpose, personally and professionally
• Improve personal mental and physical health
• Promote happiness through healthy habits of the mind
*Cost of courses can be reimbursed up to $200 through EAA Professional Development Fund

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